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Production Services

Our Production Consulting Services include the following technical services :


Enhanced Oil Recovery & Marginal Oil Fields Production & Surface Facilities
Flow Assurance Production Decline Analysis

Our clients save time, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of failure, through SmartKoncept's direct consulting services, for the upstream and downstream petroleum oil and gas industry.With SmartKoncept's expert services, clients maximize production, minimize operational upsets and downtime, enhance and maintain production flow assurance of oil & gas from reservoir to surface reception and treating facilities, reduce production cost, increase economic life of older fields by recovery additional reserves, and ensure safety and process integrity

- SmartKoncept Technologies

Flow Assurance:  The presence of waxes, asphaltenes and scale, combined with flow properties, such as hydrates and slugging, can affect performance and production adversely. We perform detailed flow assurance studies and analysis of the production pipeline network including thermal behavior of flow lines, operability issues, slug formation on process equipment, investigation and prevention of blockages from hydrates, waxes, asphaltenes, scale and sand, phase behaviour and rheology. We help our clients to detect and mitigate risks associated with them.

Surface Facilities Studies: We undertake a range of surface and subsurface facilities engineering design and simulation services including retrofit or grass root design. Our expertise include predicting and establishing the optimum scheme for the surface system associated with any given assessment. We also perform cost estimates and analysis for Exploration, Appraisal, Development, Operations and Abandonment to develop cash flows and production for all aspects a given oil and gas investment projects. This represents the first stage in performing economic assessments and thereby valuing a field or asset.

We employ a number of tools, including Aspen Hysys process simulator, to build surface facilities models and conduct simulation studies of surface equipment to generate mass balances, energy balances and optimum configurations. For your  surface and subsurface facilities needs for optimum petroleum oil and gas production and treating, SmartKoncept Technology is the one stop place. We can work to analyze all issues important to maintaining the flow of oil & gas from reservoir to reception facilities including flow assurance studies, compressor trips.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Services: We apply our expertise in enhanced oil recovery techniques to mature oil fields to recover additional reserves or prolong production after primary recovery methods have run their course. We have the knowledge and know-how to increase the economic life of older fields.

We perform detailed analysis and compare benefits of different options including gas injection (carbon dioxide, natural gas or nitrogen) to stimulate oil and gas flow to produce remaining fluids that were not extracted during primary (using natural pressure of the well) or secondary recovery (by gas re-injection and water flooding - to produce residual oil and gas). The optimal application of each type depends on reservoir temperature, pressure, depth, net pay, permeability, residual oil and water saturations, porosity and fluid properties such as oil API gravity and viscosity.

EOR Techniques:  Gas injection is the most commonly used EOR technique. Here, gas such as carbon dioxide (CO2), natural gas, or nitrogen is injected into the reservoir whereupon it expands and thereby pushes additional oil to a production wellbore, and moreover dissolves in the oil to lower its viscosity and improves the flow rate of the oil. Oil displacement by CO2 injection relies on the phase behavior of CO2 and crude oil mixtures that are strongly dependent on reservoir temperature, pressure and crude oil composition. These mechanisms range from oil swelling and viscosity reduction for injection of immiscible fluids (at low pressures) to completely miscible displacement in high-pressure applications. In these applications, more than half and up to two-thirds of the injected CO2 returns with the produced oil and is usually re-injected into the reservoir to minimize operating costs. The remainder is trapped in the oil reservoir by various means.

Production Decline Analysis: SmartKoncept can undertake detailed production decline analysis. We can use existing trends in the production rate data from oil and gas wells to accurately forecast future production and the cumulative reserve recovery.

Production Optimization: SmartKoncept undertakes production optimization study for clients. Our seasoned expert team with several years of experience can investigate and identify upside oilfield reserve and the production potential which can be developed. The additional new upside reserve can be added to existing reserve to increase the overall booked reserves for clients.


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