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Petrochemicals - LNG - Natural Gas

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RGP05 Fundamentals of Petroleum Refinery Operations
PBM14 Introduction to Natural Gas Energy Business
RGP02 Introduction to the Petrochemicals Industry
PBM20 Fundamentals of LNG & GTL Production
RGP04 Fluid Catalytic Cracking in Petroleum Refineries 
RGP03 Gasoline Blending in Refineries
RGP09 Refining Overview Program
RGP06 LNG Project Appraisal & Management
RGP07 Petroleum Refinery Energy Management
RGP01 Petroleum Refinery Economics
PBM18 Natural Gas & LNG Business: From Production to Marketing & Regulations
PBM05 Downstream Fundamentals
DBO10 Petroleum Refinery Operations & Economics - Best Practices
PBM101 Downstream Regulations - Review of International Effective Policies & Practices - New
PMD08 Natural Gas Process Design


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